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Smart Cities

The Challenge of Urbanisation and Parkware's Solution for Intelligent Parking Management

Challenge and Context

The increase in population in urban areas presents multifaceted challenges for the effective management of urban infrastructures and services. With the continuing exodus of populations to cities comes the pressing need to address problems such as congested traffic, environmental pollution and a lack of car parking spaces. These challenges, if not tackled in an innovative way, can jeopardise the well-being of citizens and the functionality of cities as a whole.

Our Solution

Parkware's journey: From visionary idea to reality

Parkware, a visionary company focused on creating 360° parking solutions, embraced the challenge of redefining parking management. By adopting a technology-centred approach, it chose the DNS Testbed as the perfect ground to develop and refine its vision.

Our testbed offered a controlled environment where Parkware could simulate and test its idea using the IoT platform service for car park management.

This solution enables the monitoring and management of any car park, whether outdoor or indoor. Using an intuitive web platform, managers can analyse capacity and peak times in real time. Visualising data in real time provides valuable insights for optimising the management of parking spaces and allocating resources more efficiently, resulting in less congestion, reduced pollution and a better experience for citizens.

How does it work?

By installing strategically placed cameras and training a machine learning algorithm, the available parking spaces are calculated.

Benefits and Impact

In this way, valuable insights are gained to optimise the management of parking spaces and allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in less congestion, reduced pollution and an improved experience for citizens.

Value Added by DNS Testbed

DNS Testbed provided Parkware with the know-how and expertise to create an IoT management platform, providing the guidelines and support necessary for its execution and implementation.

Next Steps

The platform could benefit from the integration of streaming video modules to monitor the car park in real time.

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